System Settings Check

1. In order to use Vantage...

  • You must clear your browser's cache. Follow the steps here for cache clearing instructions.
  • You must enable cookies for Vantage. Follow the steps here for enabling cookies on your browser.

Note: These are the most frequent causes of errors affecting SAGE Vantage connectivity. Browser caching and disabled cookies may impact your ability to access the Vantage site and your instructor's ability to receive your submitted coursework.

2. Browser Requirements

When using Vantage, we recommend using the most recent versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Safari and Edge, while supported, may cause unexpected errors due to caching and site cookies.

3. Audio Requirements

Speakers or headphones are required for audio and video playback.

4. Connection Requirements

An internet connection with at least 300Kbs download and upload speed is required. If you are concerned about your connection speed, you can check it using a free service like Speedtest or Google's internet speed test.

5. Device Requirements

While SAGE Vantage is designed for use on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, some features are not available on smaller devices, such as map-based activities.

6. Your System Settings

Requirements Minimum Recommended Your Settings Support Links
Javascript Enabled Enabled Disabled  
Screen Resolution 750 x 1334 (or other mobile device dimensions) 1920 x 1080 (or other desktop device dimensions) JavaScript is required  
Third Party Cookies Enabled Enabled JavaScript is required How to Fix
Popup Blocker Enabled Disabled JavaScript is required

If you encounter difficulty adjusting your system's settings, please visit the following resources for help