Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice - Sage Vantage

What data does Sage Vantage collect about me?

  • Personal identifiers (e.g., first name, last name, username, e-mail address, role [student | instructor | course coordinator])
  • Vantage course information (e.g., institution where you are taking the Vantage course, courses in which you are enrolled, grades, subscription information)
  • Activity information (e.g., how you interact with the platform and related services)
Sage Vantage will not collect any special category data about you (e.g., health data or ethnic origins).

How will Sage use my data?

  • To provide you with Vantage and manage your subscription
  • To provide you with customer/technical assistance
  • To associate records between your institution, Vantage courses, and Vantage grades
  • To improve Vantage

Who does Sage share my data with?

  • Sage employees and contractors who are responsible for:
    • Customer service or technical support (as needed)
    • Maintaining Vantage
  • Your institution
  • Your instructor
  • Your institution's learning management system

How long does Sage keep my data?

  • Student data is irretrievably anonymized one year after the student's latest subscription end date
  • Instructor data is irretrievably anonymized two years after their latest course end date
  • Course coordinator data is irretrievably anonymized two years after their last log-in date (if they are also an instructor, not to be deleted before the Vantage instructor data retention period)
For further details on how Sage protects and processes your data please refer to Sage's Privacy Policy. In the event of any discrepancy with Sage's Privacy Policy, this Vantage Privacy Notice takes precedence and reflects accurately what data is collected, how it is processed, and how long it is retained.